War Has Come And IPOB Is Ready – Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of the proscribed group Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, during his Sunday broadcast has claimed that Nigeria is a contraption. He explained that, a nation is a place where people of same culture reside.


Kanu said, ‘the vultures are gathering, we are beginning to identify them, & we are dealing with them. He claimed that the Biafra boundary lies within the places where you see women tie two piece of wrapper. Everything about our nation is embodied in our women, he added.


Nnamdi had claimed that it was in the plan of people who amalgamated Nigeria to separate people of same bloodline, but make a mistake of not changing the culture of the people. He said that the dressing of Sokoto women varies from that of the way Uroboh, Igbanke, Itsekiri, Ibibo, Igbo, and Anang women dress. We all are one people.


Kanu alleged that the only thing that binds a nation together is their cultural affinity and not amalgamating nations of different cultural heritage with nomadians together.


He claimed that Biafrans are industrious and blessed people, who are born mechanics, scientists, doctors and so on right from their mothers’ womb. He said the British are aware of the Almighty natural gift to Biafrans that is why they told the Fulani’s that they gave name after a river because we never look beyond river for our history.

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