This Same Nigeria Murdered Over 2.5 Million Biafrans and Starved over 1.5 Million Children To Death

While lazy thinking Nigerians think that intimidation can stop Biafrans, it has become necessary to remind them that Biafrans have not forgotten the massacre of our fathers, pregnant women, children and loved ones. 

The letter written by Mazi Chukwudi Okeke on March 3, 2017, one year after speaks volumes of the pain Nigeria have caused Biafran Youth. It becomes necessary to promote it.

One Year OPEN LETTER TO BIAFRAN YOUTHS: It will be very foolish of me to pen down this open letter to my BIAFRANS YOUTH, without first acknowledging there efforts and sacrifices so far towards Biafra restoration.

The main purpose why I decide to awake you today is for us to Reunite and activate the powers of “IGWEBUIKE”. We the Biafra youths has made a lot of human sacrifices for the redemption of Biafra, and will do it over and over again without fear or regret. Our efforts today shall for ever be remembered in time to come, and when the story of how Biafra fought for their freedom will be told by our children childrens they will say” my father was in the time of Nnamdi kanu” Now that our freedom is around the corner, these greedy Igbo politicians and elites will try to deceive you and I, dragging us to there dirty politics and by so doing creating enmity between us.

The truth of the matter is that our POLITICIANS do not want us to be emancipated, they do not want us to seek for our freedom, because they know that when BIAFRA comes they will loose it all… Therefore, we the Biafra Youths should be very cautious and should as a matter of urgency disassociate ourselves from anything that has to do with NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS. Let us not jeopardize our struggle at this very last minute.

Nigeria government and Top Hausa politicians know very well that Biafra restoration has come to stay this time around. Therefore we must unite ever than before, we must assiduously support the indigenous people of Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu to perfect what they have already started. many groups may emerge claiming to be in support of Biafra, but if any of them should come to you lynched or stone such group of persons for they are hooligans and Lilliputians that are thwarting efforts of IPOB towards Biafra restoration.

As a Biafra Youth we Must be in alert for there is an IGBO adage that says” onye ya na ekwensu na eri nri na eji ngachi ogologo. Nigeria government are devils in disguise. They are still the same people that gruesomely murdered over 2.5 millions of our people, starved over 1.5 million children to death thereby committing war crime. Do you think that we the Biafran youths will let this people get away with this?? NEVER!! We must get our freedom and thereafter drag Nigeria government to ICC for committing War crime against our people. I also urge every one of us never to be discouraged, we are come this far and will stop at nothing to get Biafra so that the spirit of slained brothers and sisters shall rest in peace..

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