The Synergy between the Army and Fulani Herdsmen Is a Confirmation That Nigeria Is Turning Out Worse Than Somalia

The Synergy between the Fulani Herdsmen and the Nigerian Army confirms that Nigeria is turning out to be worse than Somalia.

Following reports from Jos North LGA of Plateau state, the people narrated their ordeal in the hands of the Fulani Herdsmen that while the Fulani Herdsmen attacked and displaced them from their homes, the military men who were expected to come to their rescue were seen helping the Fulani Herdsmen and their cows to take over the community.

Ladi Azi, a petty trader, recounted that she has “lost everything”, including her five children and great grandchildren, life has become meaningless for her and her husband.
In her words, “Our houses were razed, food items burnt to ashes and five of my children and grandchildren slaughtered,” she stated. But she was lucky as she was not at home when the marauders struck. Azi said, “Before the attack, I had gone to buy foodstuff for my children and by 8 pm, one of them was killed by the Fulani outside the house. The other four were killed right inside the house.”

She said she had decided to leave everything to God because it is only God that will fight for her and avenge the death of her five children and grandchildren. “It is God that gave me the children and if the Fulani felt they had taken my children away from me, let the will of God prevail. No money, no clothing and no food. Our farms have been taken over by cows which graze on our crops. My husband and I don’t have any other person that will take care of us now and our children are gone”, she stated.

The Ada Gwom (District Head) of Dong District in Jos North LGA, Kaze Inyam, was in tears as he narrated to the Plateau State Coordinator of Northern Nigeria Women Initiative, a Non-Government Organisation, Dr. (Mrs) Jorphia Gupar, how his subjects were killed.
He said soldiers had led cows to the communities sacked by Fulani herdsmen. The Fulani men came to attack houses where their women were sheltered at the time Rafiki, a nearby community was being attacked.

“Since the 2001 crisis, we have never witnessed any problem here in Dong. At that time, Fulani left their things and ran away but we called them to stay back, nobody touched their property. At that time, people irrespective of religion and tribe ran to take shelter in this house (my palace).
“On October 1, 2017 was when we first witnessed the problem, I received a call that Fulani were killing our people, I was surprised, when we got there, we saw the level of destruction, it happened again on October 24, 2017.

“We only have cutlasses for our farm work but when they attacked with guns, what can cutlass do against guns? We are still wondering why soldiers left the community at the time of the recent attack. Was it to give the Fulani enough time to kill and burn the houses?
“The worrisome aspect is that when some Fulani women heard gunshots in Rafiki, they ran into our people’s houses in Dong but their men came and picked them and turned around and burnt the houses where their women took shelter.

“My people have sighted soldiers bringing cows to occupy the areas where our people’s houses were burnt and the people displaced. Soldiers who are in Hilux vans lead them. If this can happen, what is the hope for the common man?

“We have discovered that on several occasions when the Fulani people attack us, the military personnel are not always on their duty posts. But we are so surprised that after successful attack and the killing of our people, we will see the same soldiers escorting the Fulani and their cattle.

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