The Shari’ah Council Wants Danjuma Charged With Treasonable Felony

In the ongoing Islamization agenda, the supreme Council for Shari’ah has asked its APC led federal government to try T.Y. Danjuma, a former minister of defence for treasonable felony.

The council said this in reaction to Danjuma’s statement at the maiden convocation of Taraba State University.

The retired general had asked Nigerians to defend themselves against killers, saying the armed forces have been biased in its responsibility of securing the country from attacks.

The council, however, sees Danjuma’s statement as unfortunate.

In a statement released Tuesday, Yusuf Rigachikun, Kaduna state chairman of the council tagged Danjuma’s statement as unguarded from a retired army general.

“The recent call by General T. Y Danjuma on the citizens to take up arms to defend themselves and the accusation of the Nigerian armed forces colluding in the killing of Nigerians is quite unfortunate,” the statement read.

“The council calls on the federal government to invite, investigate and prosecute the general for such a most unfortunate statement in the presence of students who are known to be volatile and prone to youthful exuberance.

“His action poses a threat to the peace and stability of the state and is a crime against the state. The prosecution of the General will go a long way for the culture of impunity not to threaten the cooperate existence of Nigeria.”

It could be noted that the British contraption called Nigeria expired since 2014 and the introduction of Sharia law and the Islamization agenda seemed to be the formation of the Islamic nation to form a new Nigeria.  However, the Indigenous People of Biafra has insisted that Biafran referendum is the only hope for the salvation of the people of the old eastern region from the ongoing Islamisation agenda.

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