they made the people to believe that God lives in heaven, they made people to see heaven as above all. But it quite unfortunate that religion didn’t explain the reason behind what they said about the sky, now it our duty to let the people know the reason behind that myth of God living in heaven and why religion made you to see God as male.

 In odinala we have four force or elements the hold the extence of the physical earth. They are sand/land, water, air and light, we represent them as eke, orie, afor na nkwo  but christainity turned it to angel Micheal, Gabriel, Raphael and huriel. We represent the sand and the water as female and represents the air and light as male. Now light is above, religion made you to see light as good but made you to see darkness as evil, because the represent light as life and represent darkness as death.

So as long as they appreciate light which we represent as male they now tell you that God is masculine, in Odinani we believe that the male alu-kwusi represents the light and air which is above. Religion turn the sun to represent the father that why they tell you that no one can stand before his glory which is the rays of sunshine, they represent Jesus Christ as the son of God the only him opens the gate of heaven, but when you watch the sunrise in the early morning you will see that the sun opens the gate of the sky and give life to living things on the soil.

They told you about the Trinity, the land and the sky is interrelated in the ‘x’ form which religion represents with the ✝️ form, the Trinity appear when the father which is heaven and the mother which is the earth/land has completed the fusion of ‘x’ through rain fall or sunlight anyone possible base on time and season of the moon the moon will appear representing the mother, when the new moon is going through that process of being the, the moon will born stars. Representing the offspring now you have the Trinity.

When the moon has completed this purpose it starts vanishing in a gradual process to return to where it truly belongs. One thing you don’t know is that the female stars return with the moon while the male remains there. The stars determines the number of male and female offsprings that we human and animals gave birth to every moon/month, the star represent the soul we bear, it represents our destiny. whenever a great soul leaves the body to return to where it came from it send signal to the universe, same as when a great soul is coming also send signal to the physical world.

Science represents the male spirit which they called chromosomes as ‘xx’ and the females as ‘xy’, all this are representation of the masculine and feminine energy. It time we return to our root omenala na odinala, if you appreciate nature nature do same to you. But ndigbo has left nature for artificial ‘oyiligbo ‘ now nature is against us because we forget who we are with nature and how we are made by nature that’s why problem is befalling us.

We are against our root which is odinala, omenala, iwuala, Nsoala na ntoala,  now our root is against us. It’s time we make peace with nature and save the universe from war and trouble, ndigbo are like Jonah who land other into trouble because they don’t want to play their rule. Udo diri unu Umuigbo.

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