Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi Attacked In Spain And Was Rescued By Spanish Police

Rotimi Chibueze Amaechi

National Cake is now believed to be shared in form of beating to all the politicians travelling abroad for either shopping, medical attention, graduation party and so on. Today, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi received his own share of the beating or warning from Nigerians living in Spain. 

The minister who doubled as President Buhari’s right man, wrote on his twitter account how he was attacked by misguided Nigerians and was rescued by spanish police. I think this is a warning to other politicians, if they will heed to the call of Nigerian citizens to make life better them, then there won’t be any reason for such attacks.  Below is his message on his twitter account after the attack:

Recall that Amaechi dared IPOB and other Nigerians abroad in a video, precisely on  29-08-2019 to try beating him, but surprised that he complained today when the beating actually took place. below is the video where he dared IPOB and other Nigerians:

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