Nigerian Media Houses Trying to Redeem the Already Battered Image of the Failed Contraption Called Nigeria Appears to Be Efforts in Futility

After the blames from the Vice president to the Nigerian media claiming that the media misunderstood Bill Gates, some media houses have been working hard to create reports to cover up for the already battered image of the failed contraption called Nigeria. While the comments from Bill Gates continued to inflict shame on the APC leadership, the Nigerian government have desperately sought for an abode to hide their irredeemable shame.

In what appears as a mockery to the most corrupt country in the world is the report credited to the United Nations but unfortunately the award was not a reward for the Nigerian government.  The whole world are aware that Nigerian has reached its melting point and can no longer be fixed.
It was reported that Nigerian Anti-Corruption Group wins UN award.  This report and most other reports from Nigerian dailies are misleading and a cover up to the failed contraption called Nigeria whose image can never be redeemed by the dangling efforts of state sponsored media lies.
While the Nigerian media entitled the report as if the award was for the APC corrupt government, a deep look into the report has proven that the award was not given to the corrupt Nigerian government.

The UN Sustainable Development Goal Director said winners of the Awards span over private and public sectors, as well as civil society and grassroots movements. He said the winning initiatives included fighting corruption in Nigeria and mobilising Belgians to implement the SDGs in their daily lives. Others were empowering children through photography and digital skills in Bangladesh, promoting human rights education in Sri Lanka and much more.

However, to prove that if the failed contraption called Nigeria stopped to exist great talents would rise to realize great potentials. A group from the failed contraption called Nigeria, an anti-corruption youth group, the Creative Youth Initiative Against Corruption (CYIAC), has emerged the winner of the Innovative Category of the first UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Action Awards.

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