My Administration Has Been So Turbulent – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has noted that his leadership style plunged Nigeria into turmoil.

He said this while inaugurating an initiative he called food and Security Council of which he is the chairman. 

At the inauguration, the president spoke about Nigeria’s “very turbulent” journey in the past three years, the period of his administration.

According to him, “Two weeks ago, I announced my intention to establish and chair a presidential level committee that focuses on food security, I am happy that today it has become a reality.

Nothing that he lack control over Nigeria, he maintained “Nigeria’s journey in the last three (3) years, has been a very turbulent one. To make a mockery of himself, he claimed that the country’s need for critical job creating sectors which has been ignored for decades is now beginning to yield results.

It could be noted that millions of Nigerian Youth have remained jobless and in the bid to survive, so many who fled their homes in search of greener pastures have either been trapped in Libya, or died at the Mediterranean Sea while trying to cross over to Europe.

According to him, “We introduced the National Social Investment Programmes targeting millions of Nigerians who are living from hand to mouth.

“We launched agricultural programmes focusing on import substitution, job creation and rural development thereby bringing socio-economic transformation to the millions of citizens living in some of the most remote rural parts of our country.

But he has not created an enabling environment for a viable economy.

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