Ladies, here’s what men think of you each time you ask them for money

Ladies, here’s what men think of you each time you ask them for money.

Asking a guy for money few days after meeting him is so wrong. He’ll definitely regard you as a cheap girl even if you’re not.

A guy may approach you with serious intentions but how you go about “money” can easily change his mind.

Don’t wrap your head around the misleading fact that once you meet a guy, you’re entitled to his money. Build that friendship and mutual trust then let things flow naturally.

A guy that genuinely likes you will gladly give you money even when you don’t ask, unless he doesn’t have it or he’s stingy.

It’s OK to ask your man for money but don’t just ring him up asking for money for petty things which you should be capable of. It will make you look cheap and unserious.

Ask for money with home training. Don’t ask for it like it’s your right. Don’t threaten him with quitting the relationship if he doesn’t give it to you.

A woman who lives by getting from her man will never become independent and men will always rubbish such a woman.

Some rich, independent ladies wouldn’t have gotten to where they are today if they believed a man must always foot their bills.

Strive hard to become independent and always see your man’s pocket as a backup option whenever you need finance to help you grow as a woman not everyday recharge card, T-fair and money to make your hair.

Remember, a good woman is her man’s investment.

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