Islamization Of Nigeria Is Real, Presidency Confirms Via New Immigration Policy

Nigerian Immigration have a new policy which will be implemented by January 2020. With the new policy, all the Fulani in West African and other African countries can come to Nigeria without valid document or VISA.
It is obvious that reasonable people from other African Countries hardly come to Nigeria except those on Jihad mission. This new policy will allow Jihadist to come to Nigeria without anyone accosting them as requested by Kunle and Alhaji leaked Audio message calling for all the Fulanis in Africa to come to Nigeria for Jihad war which is strictly to fight against the Indigenous people and taking over their possessions.
In a twitter message by Fani Kayode, he condemned the immigration policy and referred to it as shameless and an act to woo Jihadist to come into Nigeria. Below is his message:

I think all the indigenous people should speak up and stop the federal government of Nigeria ruled by a known Jihadist President, in the person Muhammadu Buhari, who have show openly that they are in support of Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen killing and raping our women all over Nigeria and Biafra Land.

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