I Cry And Pray When I Need To – Davido’s Fiancé Chioma Tells Her Fans

Davido’s fiancée Chioma seams to  be going through some challenging times at this point in her life.

Not long ago the mother of Davido’s new born baby took to her instagram story to give some personal and deep words of motivation to those who might be going through times too at this moment.

From what she wrote on her story, She says she is currently in a place of healing and that she cries when she needs to ,prays and also makes positive Proclamations over her life .

“Currently in a place of healing, So I cry when I need to, I pray. I speak over my life, I have my moments, I let time do what it does.”

Also from  the post she went on to urge others who are also facing tough moments to never be afraid when it comes to feeling pain end hurt. According to the chef, it is part of life and growth.

“It is part of life and growth, growing pains are real.”

By Okwesa  Patrick


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