Get Out Of Southern Cameroon – Donald Trump Ordered Paul Biya

Donald Trump (Left) and Paul Biya
To the greatest consternation of Cameroonian president, Paul Biya, American president sent a warning message requesting that he pull out his military from Southern Cameroon who are the Ambazonians. 
For many years, Cameroonian Military have been killing innocent and helpless citizens of Southern Cameroonians and the world kept quite. The act of genocide by Cameroonian military is frowned at by the US and an order was issued by President Donald Trump for immediate end to such carnage and barbaric killings. Will the Cameroonian Dictator obey the order or face the consequences? This is a question we look forward to hearing the answer. Below is a message from Guardian Newspaper showing the warning:

The United States (US) has ordered President Paul Biya of Cameroon to “immediately and unconditionally” pull out the military from Southern Cameroun territory.

It warned: “Failure to comply will face the wrath of U.S. military authorities,” urging Biya to release all detained citizens of LA du Republic Cameroon

Moreover, I don’t support US Military’s presence in Southern Cameroon because they will definitely leave ugly footprints before they leave the young nation, but is better than the unwarranted killings of the innocent indigenous people.

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