Genocide Against Nigeria Christians Ongoing And The World Has Hardly Notice – WSJ

Corpses of Christians killed in Benue State by Fulani Terrorist Group
Is no news that there has been increased killings of Christians by Islamist Terror Group, Boko Haram in mainly Northern states of Nigeria. Sadly, a full blown Jihad is ongoing in all parts of Nigeria which started from Benue state and other States in the Middle-Belt, immediate Dictator Muhammadu Buhari the present Nigerian president took over power from Goodluck Ebere Jonathan. 
Many non-governmental organizations have raised alarm, private media houses excluding yoruba media companies, have reported several massacre and ethnic cleanings by the fourth most deadly group, Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen and Radio/Television Biafra have joined men of goodwill to report these genocide and unwarranted massacre of Christians who are predominantly Biafrans, but it appears all the countries believed to be Christian nations hate Nigerian Christians. The Wall Street Journals have carried out investigations into the killings of Christians in Nigeria by Islamic Jihad Terror Group called Fulani Herdsmen and have this to say:

A slow-motion war is under way in Africa’s most populous country. It’s a massacre of Christians, massive in scale and horrific in brutality. And the world has hardly noticed

May be the world can listen and come to the rescue of Nigerian Christians who are living under fear, in hiding and at the verge of going into extinction or rather relinquish their faith, if noting is done to salvage the situation.

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