DSS Fought Court Officials And Chased Away Lawyers To Rearrest Omoyele Sowere (Video)

Lawlessness at its peak as Nigerian DSS stormed court heavily armed, chased Lawyers away and fought those preventing them from rearresting Omoyele Sowore. A question that comes to my mind is, who is safe in this country if those in the court which is the last hope of a common man were chased away? Ope Sowore, Omoyele’s wife, told CNN reporter that DSS almost strangled her husband in a bid to forcefully rearrest him, below is her statement:

The judge and court staffers fled the courtroom in the chaos that ensued, Ope Sowore said.

“Armed DSS operatives strangled and forcefully harmed my husband in an attempt to rearrest him. The judge fled the courtroom for her own safety. And with brutal force, the DSS operatives were successful in taking my husband again,” she told CNN.

Nigeria is good at breaking records, not for good deeds but evil deeds, this is the first in the history democracy, Armed Security personnel storming court to arrest someone who is on courts bail. Nigerians are in trouble and needs to act fast against dictatorship. 

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