Desperate APC Government acquires fake Marthin Luther King’s award to cover up their shame

In their desperate efforts to shield the Nigerian Fulani government of the shame stemming from the complexity that led to the sacking of Tillerson and the open rebuke from Bill Gates, the Nigerian government have gone too far to search for an award to cover themselves up.

If Nigeria has any atom of shame, the leaders would have felt embarrassed by the struggle to get the Nigerian President into award lists. This is based on the fact that the ruling APC party are aware that any award to the office of the president could either be a mock award or award under compromise.

The APC government have proven to be so desperate for cheap popularity in pursuit of vain glory to revive their battered image.  They have desperately sort after some international figures where they could hide their mess but their efforts actually exposed them to the worst scam in broad day light.

It is a shame to hear President Buhari paid $3m for ‘fake’ Martin Luther King Jr’s leadership award.

In what many Nigerians had earlier critized as an undeserving First Black History Month National Black Excellence and Exceptional African Leadership award conferred on Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari by Martin Luther King Jr’s family, it was discovered afterwards that the award was handsomely paid for.

Apart from the fact that it was paid for, the Martin Luther King Jr.’s family have openly declared that the Nigerian president was never in their list.

In a tweet from Aso Villa shortly after the award was given, The Presidency tweeted: “President Muhammadu Buhari today at the State House received Martin Luther King Jnr’s family. He was also conferred with the 1st Black History Month National Black Excellence and Exceptional African Leadership Award 2018.

According to Leaders Nigeria, investigations revealed that Dr. Erieka Bennett was contracted by Abike Dabiri-Erewa to help use her NGO to bring Martin Luther King jr’s family to Nigeria to give President Muhammadu Buhari award.

A quick fact-check on Erieka Bennet revealed that She runs a Non Governmental Organization called, Diaspora African Forum based in Accra, Ghana.

Erieka Bennett calls herself ‘Ambssador At Large’ as she uses her influence to facilitate foreign awards for unsuspecting African leaders.

Erieka Bennett was a former aide to Ghanaian president, John Mahama.

Dr. Erieka Bennett, contacted someone in King’s family, a distant relative of Martin Luther King called Dr. Naomi Barbara after King Center declined earlier request by Bennett to influence an award for a certain African leader.

The award which was paid for by the Nigerian government as part of the ongoing PR stunt to launder president Buhari’s image was not on official portals that was opened strictly to promote the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther king’s assassination.

A source from the Presidency said, Buhari only got to know about the award on the day of confinement as he had no pre-knowledge of what Dabiri-Erewa was up to.

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