Buratai Is More In Danger of Going to Jail than Abaribe – Niyi Sijuade

Following the fact that the Nigerian chief of Army Staff General Buratai has cases to answer in the U.S. Court on his role in deploying troops that murdered IPOB members and the ongoing investigation by ICC where Buratai through his operation Python Dance II murdered innocent Biafrans in Umuahia and across Biafra land. An opinion writer and political analyst has stated that it is clear that Buratai is more in danger of going to jail than Abaribe.

According to him, Nigerian Judiciary and legal system is imperiled by the presence of Fulani quota judges on the bench.

An example is found in the ongoing shambolic and diversionary utterances of Binta Nyako concerning Senator Abaribe & two others that stood surety for Kanu, that are not only baseless but actually misleading.
Buratai is more in danger of going to prison than Senator Abaribe.

He explained that no surety will ever lose his bail bond or be imprisoned because Nigerian Army is 100 % responsible when they invaded Kanu’s home

Binta Nyako as a judge does not know the law as this brilliant article has exposed

According to Niyi, since October last year when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu consistently failed to appear on the scheduled dates of his trial, a section of the media has been reporting – in essence – that Senator Abaribe is, on account of that, bound for prison. Well, that’s not true.

Part of what is causing all the hoopla is a simple and straightforward story that every decent human being can easily understand. The issue is this: Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB was free on bail; and then without any cause or authority of court, the Nigerian army launched military operations against him at his home in Umuahia.

It is agreed by many, and Amnesty International and others have confirmed it, that the military assault resulted in casualties. Some credible eyewitness accounts also suggested that the army took away some people from the scene. So, in the circumstances, it is plausible that any of the fallen or ‘captured’ could have included Nnamdi Kanu. I might add that the army has denied the attack even as it admitted chasing a ‘vehicle laden with explosives into Nnamdi Kanu’s house’.

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