Bobrisky to undergo gender transition surgery

    The Nigerian cross-dresser, Okunleye Idris Olanrewaju also known as Bobrisky has made it known to the public through social media that he will undergo a gender transition to become a woman. 

He revealed that he always loved to be a woman from birth.

He disclosed the news on his Instagram page saying that Doctor Philip from Columbia would perform the surgery for a sum of $300,000.

He further shared a photo collage of a man who was transformed into a woman and he captioned the post, “If she didn’t die during her gender change, trust me I won’t die. God forbid if I die no problem, I’m happy I did what makes me happy. Period!!!!”

He disclosed that the only reason he had not undergone the surgery was because of his financial status, but now that he is capable financially, he can go on with it.


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