Biafra Referendum: Now Or Never

There is no better time in the history of the world that Biafra stands a better chance of conducting her referendum if not the year 2018. 
To every doubting Thomas, it has been confirmed that Britain has lost her place in the international politics. Which other evidence do you need to read the handwriting on the wall. President Trump of the United States of America visits Britain and anybody who understands the relationship between Britain and the United States of America would perfectly draw the lines where things fell apart. 
Britain will never be able to maintain the statuesque in Europe after her exit from the European Union and the gap between her and the U.S. has widened to the point that they protest against the coming of President Trump in the streets of London. 
It is also clear that there is no other reason why President Trump himself would tell the press the relationship between Britain and U.S. remains “very strong” if there are no strong indications that something have gone wrong somewhere.
To worsen it, the British government is also shaking seriously over issues arising from Briexit. Britain is in trouble! Where else are they turning to – Nigeria?  
Turning to Nigerian where Britain has strongly relied on the exploitation of the oil in Biafra land to sustain her economy is obvious her only option which is now appearing to her like a mirage.  Since the scramble and partition of Africa when Bismarck helped Britain 1888 by calling for Berlin conference where Britain used her influence as one of the strongest world powers, then, to push Portugal and other European countries out of Biafra land but today, the Indigenous People are here to reclaim her land and resources from the Britain. 
Nigeria is already destroyed by itself, while IPOB have not even fired a single shot, the killing of Christians by the Fulani Herdsmen who insist in completing the 1804 Jihad has attracted the International community to the fact that Nigeria has no government.  Buhari who Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka prophecies was the choice of God for Nigeria is really proving that God actually want to use him to destroy Nigeria through his role in the ongoing killings in Nigeria. 
It could have been at a time like this that Buhari was elected President; to totally destroy Nigeria without remedy.  Nigeria can never be fixed. Fulani Herdsmen will never stop the killing of Christians  and APC will never give up power. 
Biafra stands the better chance of conducting her referendum now because this is the only time to decide to defend Biafra. Biafra referendum is now or never. It is the best time to make the choice of whether to be or not to be, to die or to live, to build or to destroy, to integrate of disintegrate and to restore Biafra or to be islamised by the marauding Fulani Herdsmen. 

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