Biafra Referendum: Nigerian Military Occupation in Biafra Land Must End

is not a coincidence that the Indigenous People of Biafra are being respected everywhere
in the world. IPOB has been confirmed again and again as the most peaceful
freedom fighting people in the world. This is one thing that Nigeria and
Britain never liked to hear but they have no option than to accept the
evidences before their very eyes.
the people they tagged terrorists are being respected everywhere in the world,
is the biggest blow against the tyrant Nigerian government and Britain who stagger
without learning how to fall.
Biafra referendum is surely coming to end the military occupation in Biafra land. The
African Union, European Union, United States of America have respect for the
Indigenous people of Biafra after observing how bold, intelligent and peaceful Biafrans
have confronted the heinous British amalgam called Nigeria and finally arrived to the point of conducting a referendum but could the Nigerian army be allowed to continue to occupy Biafra land having committed all the crimes against humanity in Biafra land? 

refused to be violent even in the face of the worst provocation in Afara Ukwu
Ibeku, the home of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on the 14 of September 2017. Remember, Mazi
Nnamdi Kanu was sleeping that fateful Sunday afternoon, the 12th of
September 2017, in his house when the noise of the Nigerian security forces
woke him up but it did not end there. The Nigerian army in pretense of
Operation Python dance II kept dancing while the bullets were raining and
killing innocent Biafrans.
was at home when the shooting started and there were so many Biafran armless
youth who were so disciplined enough to obey command and control and refused to
fight back even when they were being killed. Even when the whereabouts of Mazi
Nnamdi Kanu has not been declared by the Nigerian army after the shooting of 14th
September 2017 IPOB remained so disciplined not to pick up arms.
there was a tempting and provoking moment in Biafra after the civil war, it was
Operation Python Dance II but Biafra conquered them through a painful peaceful
resolute focus on Biafran referendum.  With the ballot papers being printed Biafrans
can be rest assured that the days of military occupation in Biafra land can be
said to be over.
It is also worthy to make Biafrans understand that Nigeria have changed her games when
they failed to sell the terrorist tag to world leaders.  Please observe that apart from the uniform
terrorists in Biafra land parading themselves as the Nigerian army, there is an
influx of thousands of Fulani Herdsmen through Enugu and Ebonyi into Biafra land.  It is clear that they are working assiduously
to destroy Biafra before the last date for Biafran referendum.  The world must take note and Biafrans must be
at alert because they are already everywhere in Biafra land.
else can be said of the military occupation of Biafra land since the 1967
genocide against Biafra which resulted in the death of millions of Biafrans;
largely women and children?
there is anything that makes me very angry as a person, it is to see these tyrant
stern looking and trigger minded robots in military uniform occupying every
nooks and crannies of Biafra land. They are not on duty to protect; they are on
duty to kill.  They shoot at site anybody
with the Biafran flag as if Biafrans have no right to self-determination.
were not only positioned to kill Biafrans, they occupy Biafra land to frustrate
the economic activities of the Indigenous people and to ensure that the heavy
chains of slavery from the British colonial days remained alive while the
British government hiding under the false entity called Nigeria continued to
drain the natural resources in Biafra land.  

military in Ogoni land and elsewhere in Biafra land must stop forcing communities
to abandon their land in the hands of greedy oil firms who drained the oil in
the communities and left it dilapidated with oil spillage and extreme poverty.
British has been so tricky all the while by using all her powers to ensure that
the Indigenous People of Biafra never rise to develop her land but while I hate
to see the Nigerian army occupy Biafra land I simply remember that their days
are numbered.
you will give a little thought to these years of the military occupation in
Biafra land, you will simply remember that there is one constant slogan that
was introduced to end the 1967 genocide. It was a massive conversion enforced
by the stern looking robotic Nigerian army and recited at gun points.  They forced everybody to say one Nigeria! and they have remained constant with the trigger since 1967 up until now.
was one Nigeria at gun point, one Nigeria with AK 47 and one Nigeria with 20
ponds in exchange with all the millions Biafrans had in their accounts.  

this nonsense must stop! The Nigerian army must be checked out of Biafra land
and allow Biafra to defend herself. What is the use of an army that kill Biafrans
instead of defending them?

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