Biafra Referendum: The Failure of PVC In Ekiti Vindicates IPOB

IPOB once again stands vindicated by the failure of PVC in Ekiti state.  Ekiti state election was not only rigged openly by the APC, it was a display of the helplessness of voters who relied on their PVC to effect change in Nigerian politics. It is now clearer that only IPOB can save Africa. 
There is no amount of preaching that can save the Yoruba people who are already conquered by their contentment in the evil entity called Nigeria.  They have been at the forefront of preaching that PVC is the remedy to the killings in Nigeria. 
Could the Pastors be bold enough to change their message today?  The Yoruba pastors that have deceived their congregation all these while to the point of telling them that the PCV is the ticket to heaven.  They have a responsibility to cover their shame and tell their followers the truth that PCV cannot vote the present government out.
The whole world see it clearly that PVC failed in Ekiti state and it points to the fact that it will also fail in 2019.  The only positive change that can take place in the British contraption called Nigeria is revolution enforced by the people and from all indications the Yorubas are not ready to save themselves from slavery. 
IPOB is at the forefront of the revolution in Africa with the Biafran referendum. The only meaningful thing anybody in the world can do to save Africa especially those who are trapped in the British amalgam called Nigeria is to support the Indigenous People of Biafra.  
To support the Biafran referendum is to support the choice of the people. IPOB has already established strong footprints acknowledge all over the world by leading a peaceful revolution through a referendum. 
IPOB lead the revolution to empower the will of ordinary people through a referendum and with the solid foundations it has established across the world, there is no doubt that the change Africa has been waiting for is just at the corridor. 
Therefore, to support Biafran referendum is to support the move to free the entire Africa from slavery.  

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