Biafra Exit: Why APC Exchange Blows

All television
stations were ordered to shut down their cameras, while the Abuja APC convention
turned bloody, Nigeria continued to boil while all her political platforms collapse
in turmoil.  They are aware that the
national cake would soon disappear and just before it happens every hope of
getting the last portion of the National cake forms the background for the
fight and they are ready to die fighting for the excess loot from the Biafran
are some onlookers who wonder at the happenings when the exchange of blows in
APC are getting hotter. Mature men in APC do not feel ashamed when they openly
exchange blows like wild animals. This simply explains the fact that there is a
serious pressure on everything in green white green as they know that Biafra
exit is a must. 

the blind can see the handwriting on the wall. 
That APC exchange blows all the time in all their party affairs do not sound
strange to the people.  It is no longer
news that Nigeria is an area mapped out for all kinds of beings that never care
to reason. How Biafra have managed to survive all these years must be a very
big surprise to the world.
of it, Niger and the area around it surely is a line drawn around a
geographical space by the British imperialists. After drawing the line to mark
the mapped out and stolen land from the landlords for the new lords.  A new landlord was named, called Lord Lugard but
the owners of the land never understood what really took place.
were still doing business and exchanging mirror for human beings when the map
was being treacherously validated and years after the company was officially
registered abroad. The Royal Dutch Company came to stand in a business where
partners were never equal.  While the
British lords took lands they never conquered by war nor paid for they simply deceived
the owners, set up their company and raised themselves above like the most high
where the natives were down below like the grasshoppers.
the exploitation gained roots, profit lines were drawn and the northern
protectorate signaled red; a continual loss but in that land were discovered
another wild kind of natives the British preferred. The British preferred the
wild blood thirsty Jihadists who was driven by religion and they chose to rub
minds by quickly building their company around these Jihadists.  

was no need to Christianize them so the British never planted enough
missionaries in the north.  Their only
problem was the people of the old eastern region who were already rooted in
spirituality and tradition, that had already developed the organic roots for
nationhood, a people so democratic in nature but the British saw them as their
real threat and quickly 1914 amalgamation was their solution and Nigeria was the
new name for the Company.
developed a company and not a country.  The fight in Nigeria will continue until all
the concerned indigenous people accept end the transaction in the British
company and build a country from the roots.  The organic process of being a country was
missing and a false entity was created without a root. The British government
gained monopoly and remained unchallenged because Biafra are still in the

the real fight continued, why do any right thinking person think it can
challenge the cabals of the APC, the chief Jihadists and the owners of
Nigeria?  How dare you dream of going to
the party convention with a church mind and not know that the Jihadists were
question that must be answered remained, what are they really fighting
for?  Nothing else but the oil in Biafra
land, the excess coming from the east, the sharing of the national cake.  The British had told the Fulani oligarchy
that they are the owners of Nigeria. They are the rightful masters who have got
the power from the colonial masters to decide who shares from the cake and they
say it boldly that the oil in Biafra land belongs to the North.
Abaribe is paying dearly for asking questions about the budget and the DSS
clipped him, he never knew he was not supposed to challenge the Fulani
government as long as Nigeria existed.  The
only solution is to restore Biafra and the people in all the regions will start
soon as Biafra is restored, the Fulani government will discover that there is
nothing to share, then there will be nothing to fight for.  It will be shocking how peace will return,
and the various regions will simply fall back to their original roots and begin
the organic process of nation building.

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