Hope Uzidinma

Imo State Governor, Sen. Hope Uzodinma has promised to work with the people of Imo State. He said he owes them a great deal of work in that regard because they voted for him.

Surrender Your Tricycles for my 2019 Election Campaign - Dave Umahi

The evangelism for Biafra referendum moves to another dimension while the Nigerian oppressive government rely on the Igbo Political elites to advance the use of force to start election campaign in Biafra land.  The Ebonyi state governor have imposed 2019 campaign levies on the Indigenous People and every business owners in Ebonyi state. Political thugs have been engaged to hunt market men and women and force them to obtain the

Biafra Referendum: A Must After United Nations Declared Its Position on the Killings In Nigeria

Biafran referendum has once again been confirmed as the only hope for the survival of the remnant Christians from the evil contraption called Nigeria.  This is pointing to the fact that the Indigenous People of Biafra take full cognisance of the ongoing Islamisation agenda in Nigeria while planning her referendum.  The basic fact that must sink deep into Biafrans is that the United Nations have accepted Nigeria as an Islamic

Biafrans In Nigerian Army Are In Grave Danger

Boko Haram overrun Nigerian army in a clear plan by the Fulani Oligarchy to kill every every Biafran in the Nigerian Army.  The Fulani Oligarchy fear that Biafrans who serve in the Nigerian army could withdraw to go and defend Biafra against the Fulani Herdsmen who are already camping in Biafra land. The report about the missing soldiers by the Nigerian media did not come as a surprise to anybody