Mustapha Plans Buhari Live Broadcast From Aso-Rock

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra has alleged that Buhari was smuggled into South African in the company of Cuban Doctors in the guise to make a live broadcast since Nigerians are waiting to hear from their President due to the rate of death in Kano. According to Nnamdi via his Facebook page,



“Biafra intelligence services (M-Branch) has been tracking every flight out of Cuba from the day late Abba Kyari took his pet Jubril Al-Sudani and ran to the Caribbean island in search of treatment for his Corona virus infection that eventually took his life. Our men are diligently monitoring every flight out of Havana because we know plans are afoot by Boss Mustapha to bring the impostor back to do a live broadcast from inside Aso Rock. They are becoming very desperate.


We tracked a chattered flight out of Havana with Cuban doctors onboard heading to South Africa to help them fight the pandemic. This is the first flight out of Cuba to Africa since the global lock-down took effect. There is every indication Jubril was part of this flight.”


Kanu also speculated that Biafra Intelligent Service team has taken a preventive measure by circulating the pictures of the person impersonating the Nigerian President to South African law enforcement agencies with a request to apprehend him. He equally claim they know he is travelling with one of his numerous diplomatic passports under an alias. “Should Aso Rock announce plans for a live address from Aso Rock then know he slipped through the security net in South Africa”, he added.


Meanwhile, a team of Cuban doctors has arrived in South Africa to assist officials in boasting the health care system thereby stemming the spread of the coronavirus in their country.


According to Sophie Mokoena SABC News Foreign Editor had said the group consists of highly skilled medical doctors.

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