COVID-19:  Nigeria Gets Worst With Each Government

According to Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, a SAN, residing in Lekki Lagos yesterday, narrated his friend ordeal on the pandemic taking the lives of people in different parts of the world. According to him, a friend called him that he was having difficulty in breathing, the weakness of the body and also has pains in the heart.


He advised him to immediately tell him to race to Landmark Isolation Centre in Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos. He get to the Centre, he was asked to go back since Landmark is meant for patients that is down with the Virus. Adegboruwa still encouraged him to wait till day break so he could go to Yaba, being the main COVID 19 center in Lagos.


Yaba Center was the worst as the friend was asked to describe his symptoms on record through the means of sending a SMS to them. He was asked to come back the following week since the week was occupied already by other patients. He will be programmed for next week for his test. So, the faith of the young man between now and next week is unknown.


Similarly, same situation was reported in Ajah early this week. The family of suspected patient refused that the NCDC officers will not take the corpse of their brother since they refused to answer them when they were called to come and run the Covid-19 test. The NCDC in Lagos kept postponing the test.


In the same vein, the case of the supposed Anambra State first Covid-19 positive patients proves abortive. And this shows the inconsistence of the State and Federal government in the state. Likewise the threat of Airline company to Rivers State governor for saying that the pilots will not leave until the lockdown is over.


I foresee the reality, ranging from Nigeria inconsistency to how they copy from other countries without the foreign countries modus of operandi in handling the pandemics shows that Nigeria has no capacity for Covid-19 presently and the government is not telling us the truth.


The NCDC told the nation that people are not coming up for tests and that they have the capacity to set things right. But revise is the case, so let all do their best to curb the spread as the NCDC looks at face before attending or that the State is incapable of running the test not to talk of treating the virus. So, stay safe.


Please do all your best to stay safe and if you have any connection to help my friend get tested quickly, please do help me.

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