there was no lock-down in the Northern part as seen in this picture

Covid-19 Lock-down Buhari Still Maintains 97% vs 5% Division

no lock down in the north3
no lock down in the north


In what appears to be perpetual division in Nigeria among first to third class citizens. The pronouncement made by the Nigerian President that the states should be locked down in order to help in curbing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic virus appears to have fall in the presidents’ statement on how he is govern the Nigerian state.


The Nigeria Northern Governors have refused to lockdown the north to avoid the spread of coronavirus in the country, for the reason that northerners are mainly farmers and needless to lock down.


Recall that Herdsmen were busy destroying the farm produce of the other part of the country.

no lock down in the north1
the road is busy as you can see here and they are moving freely without harassment by the Nigerian Armed Forces like in the Eastern Part of Nigeria.


In the same vein, the President, Mohammad Buhari has said that any attack on the Herdsmen is an attack against the north.  


They have always asserted that Kano is the biggest business city in Nigeria followed by Lagos. Recall that foot uniformed armed men are in the eastern part are killing and maltreating the easterners in the same country.

Below, are some pictures taken in Kano during this corona virus lock-down as other parts of Nigeria are all shutdown.


However, Nigerian soldiers are in the south East shooting and killing Biafrans for opening their front doors they are even killing those transporting food to those facing hunger, some of the police officers also are in the villages, communities, harassing and stealing mobile phones from the youths who have all retrieve back to their villages and community just to respect the sit at home order.

no lock down in the north2
there was no lock-down in the Northern part as seen in this picture during the covid-19 lock-down exercise


This act of 97% vs. 5% is calling for a revolution, “a hungry man is an angry man” what easterners are facing is not corona virus but hunger and death virus caused by the state government.

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