President Buhari Copied Locked Down Strategies, Caused Hunger Virus

In an open letter from President Trump, he address the President of Nigeria over the lock down strategy which he copied from abroad without putting the appropriate measures which is taking care of basic needs of the citizens.


It is important to note that 15% Nigerians are government workers, while over 70% of Nigerians depends on daily income to survive and very few percentage are private workers.


In Trump open letter he said;

“Dear Nigerian President, I just listened to your speech as you just extended the current lock down to another two weeks.


What that means is that people who live their lives on day to day income having endured the past two weeks will now have an extra two weeks to deal with.


Sir, I understand you borrowed the idea of lock down which many Nigerian states have copied from abroad.

From foreign governments who first suffered the effect of the Corona virus pandemic.


As things stand, 10 people have died in Nigeria with around 350 cases. We will not blame you for the Corona virus; we will not blame you for copying lock down from foreign countries because it seems to be working here in UK and other parts of the world. Sir, we will blame you for not doing what those nations’ leaders did.


Mr. President, we are on lock down in UK for the past 3 weeks and we are expecting an extension possibly to last few more weeks.


Let me tell you what other world leaders did that you’ve failed to do. Yes, you’ve copied the lock down strategy, but, you’ve failed to do the sensible thing which is protecting your people from hunger and starvation.


Corona virus is deadly, no one disputes that.

But, hunger and frustration could kill more Nigerians than the Corona virus.”


Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the  23rd of March, 2020 announced the lock down.


“He announced that full time workers will be paid 80% of their wages by the state for the next three months.

This is NOT government workers, Private company employees we are talking about.

He announced that no one will be evicted from their homes during this pandemic.

He announced that part time workers, self-employed businesses and workers will also get some help either from the DWP or through the national government scheme.”


Mr. President, what this means is that even if UK lock down last for another 2 months, no one runs out of food here.

No one is forced out of their homes.

That’s how you can keep people at home without risking anarchy and bloodbath.


Mr. President, Over 100 million Nigerians live on daily income, I know this because I was once part of the people that has to go out every day in other to pay my bills.

What provision did your government make for those whose livelihood depends of leaving their home every day for work?

How much of their wages have you guaranteed to cover while the lockdown continues?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will pay 80% wages of NON government workers; can you pay 50% to our people?

How can you borrow lockdown ideas without taking into account that those people have to eat while staying home?


Mr. President, I read you shared billions to some mysterious people no one knows who they actually are.

You won’t get away with lies this time because the world is watching.

The corruption in your regime is well documented; we will leave that for another day.

Let’s deal with an urgent matter.

If you think it is hard to pay people, remember Nigerians have BVN which is a unique number for every account holder, use their BVN and pay them.


Sort out the people and your message of “Stay Home” will make sense.

People have to eat to stay alive in their homes.

You cannot lock people in their homes with no money, no food and their source of income closed down.

No, that’s not what those foreign governments you copied from did.

Look at Ghana, the Ghanaian President with very little resources guaranteed them free water for a couple of months or so, You can’t do that because for decades your government and previous Governments failed to give Nigerians proper pipe borne water and so the people rely on buying water from bore holes.

Isn’t that a shame on you and your fellow rulers that the vast majority of Nigerians flush their toilets with buckets in 2020 because there’s no guarantee of water coming through?


Mr. President, You’ve seen how important Healthcare is, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had Corona virus, he wasn’t flown to America as you would have ran away from Nigeria, he was treated here in UK.

Same St Thomas hospital in Westminster where we visit for routine medical checks, that’s where UK prime Minister was treated.

That’s a lesson for you and your fellow African leaders invest in Healthcare.

Invest in your country and stop running around the world wasting our scarce resources in foreign hospitals.


Sir, please act now and save the nation.

Speak to your finance minister and offer people something to hang unto.

They need their daily income to survive, you want them to stay at home, Give them something to hold unto.

Speak to the people and do what other world leaders did for their people.

Sir, if you think you can keep people hungry in their own homes and force them to stay there, you will be amazed at the result.

Corona virus is deadly, Hunger is even more deadly.

Don’t leave the people between the devil and the deep blue sea.

It won’t end well.”


Simultaneously, the works been exhibited by the uniform men in different states kills more people than the virus itself.

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