Nigerians Suffers From Hunger Not Covid-19 Virus

It’s unrealistic to calculate the tragedy caused on this pandemic Covid-19 Nigeria lockdown. Nigerians in the southern extraction mostly are suffering from hunger pandemic and humiliation from the armed forces in Nigeria.


Yesterday, at Nkpor two men was shot by the men in Nigeria uniform who are supposed to have the safety of the citizens at heart but revise is the case. One of the victims came down to buy something to eat and unfortunately met his death.


A similar case happened at the police station before Abagana Secretariat where a female police officer in her mid-thirties dragged a man who is old enough to be her father to their station shouting that he must bring his passport to prove he was ex-police officer or she will jail him.


Nigerian’s police and other uniformed law enforcement are more deadly than Corona virus. Covid-19 can give one a chance to say his last prayers, but these devils in uniforms think they own us and can do whatsoever with us.


In same vein, a similar issue happened in Umunze following the incident that went viral on Facebook over the alleged misconduct of the police officer. The CP has this to say, since then nothing had been heard from him.


“The Commissioner of Police *CP John B. Abang, FDC* expressed his is deeply saddened by the unfortunate incident and has ordered for a full scale investigation into the matter.


The CP further assures the public that justice would be done in the case and the outcome of Police investigation shall be made public in due course please.”


The way they extort money from drivers, if the alleged virus is in our land by now it must have gone viral.

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