President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, “has appealed to the World Bank to come to the aid of Nigeria as it battles poverty. Lawan added that Nigeria also needed World Bank intervention as coronavirus was making it difficult to raise revenue for the implementation of the 2020 budget”.
It’s absurd to hear things like this from the government looking at the donations made by Innoson and others without seeing the results on the streets. He, Senator Ahmad equally made a statement about “how out-of-school children constitute security risk in Nigeria.”

All these news report above and numerous others is sad and proves that the system through which our government runs the affairs of country has sank. The well-educated man with his Ph.D and a leader in the North for some time now is suddenly discovering, just learnt like other Northerners that politics played in the north using Almanjiris during the elections has killed the north, this is what ordinary sense of reasoning should have taught them more than half a century ago. This is always a pausing moment but northern leaders did not observe it early.

Voting for President, Governors, Senators etc – by people who are under-aged did not give concern of what tomorrow will hold. For mere token given to this individuals, the supposed leaders sold their people for a pot of porridge through making their wards uneducated. Nobody thought very much about the long term consequences or the possibility that a judgment day must arrive.

Frankly speaking, the judgment day is here for the North. It’s saddened that, it is wealth created in the South that is used for the rehabilitation of those kids fathered by lunatic parents — the Southerners should know that their stupidity is enough to continue in this untenable federation. And this calls for the expiry date to this economic rape and marginalization.

The poverty rate in Nigeria today was as a result of what the North has brought. Comparing the capital income generated from the Northern and Southern parts of the country, its glittery clear that the southerners will never be among poorest in the world. But the treatment which is being melted to them is so disastrous. Southerners are now treated with the contempt visited on poor people universally and at all times on account of our association with the North. It would have been bad enough if this is a temporary discomfort.

Meanwhile, the precarious situation of the Nation at the moment, laterally speaking the nation is beyond redemption considering the money siphoned in the north.
“We cannot be like an unfortunate child who grows his first tooth and grows a rotten one?” Chinua Achebe.

Federal and State Governments as well as traditional and religious leaders in the region had been very slow to understand the inevitable impact of the globalization of information and the consequences for social transformation. The recent politics of dethronement of the Emir of Kano, and the ex-Governor of Zamfara State and most Governors governs their state from the Federal Capital and outside the country, virtually abandoning their state to bandits shows their lack of interest on their shepherd. At last they are not called to account rather the State House of Assembly will sign a bill granting them a stupendous pension package for a “job well done.” Sadly, all the money for that monkey business will come mostly from the South. The north has nothing and can never pay the pension without oil and VAT money which comes from the southern part.

“You cannot stop terror with appeasement. You fight terror with terror.” This is according to Adolf Hitler, 1899-1945.

Appeasement or treating terror with kid glove is like applauding the intelligent northerners over intelligent and wise southerners. This annihilation and siphoning money from the North should stop. Fight against Fulani herdsmen is fight against the north was a statement made by a president, thereby making the lives of indigenous people in danger and equally, sinking the economy of the nation.

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