November 2019

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Nigeria's First Unrecognized UN Global Leader

Nigeria, by many is a country that celebrates mediocrity and targeted a particular people for destruction as seen in her activities and mode of governance. However, few worried people are asking, have the media joined the Nigerian Government on the suppression mission of the Igbo who are predominantly Christians from Biafra Land which is presently under occupation by Nigeria. Recently, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, was honoured by UN Foundation during her


Nigerian Police officers is none arguably the worst paid Police Officers in the world. Could this be attributed solely to the reason why they engage in all of manner brutality, harrassment, torture, humiliation, killings of Nigerian citizens?  HARRISON EMEFIELE GWAMNISHU in his message to those that matters and to the general public, to support police welfare has this to say: THE NIGERIA POLICE OFFICERS (RANK & FILE) ARE THE MOST

Buhari And Cabals Stole 50Bn, 4Trn Missing

Drama, as the father of anti-corruption is aiding and abating corruption at a magnitude never experienced in Nigeria.   Banjo Damilola, a writer with Saharareporters wrote how the federal government of Nigeria ruled by Buhari couldn’t account for 4Trn from NNPC/DPR and 50Bn made for National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) but no one can give account of what the money is used for because, the fund didn’t make it to NAPEP

ZIK of Africa A Sell-out - Nnamdi Kanu

Much has been said about Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, believed to be one of the founding fathers of today’s Nigeria. Records also has it that he contributed to the freedom of many African Countries from colonial masters, but is he regarded in his home town or by his kinsmen, a question left to be answered.  Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indegineous People of Biafra have displayed a picture showing a woman,

Let Allen Onyema Return To America And Face His Accusers - Lauretta Onochie

Allen Onyema (CEO Airpeace) As it has become a norm for Igbo business men to suffer all manner setback when they start making tremendious progress, Allen Onyema is having his share of the National hatred. I don’t condone corruption, but the likes of Aisha Buhari, Tinubu and Atiku have corruption cases to answer in the United State, but the media is down-playing on these corruption cases, but that of Allen