June 2018

Biafra Exit: Why APC Exchange Blows

All television stations were ordered to shut down their cameras, while the Abuja APC convention turned bloody, Nigeria continued to boil while all her political platforms collapse in turmoil.  They are aware that the national cake would soon disappear and just before it happens every hope of getting the last portion of the National cake forms the background for the fight and they are ready to die fighting for the

Biafra: Michel Obi Escapes DSS Arrest

There is nothing that angered the Aso Rock cabals than to see themselves being so helpless when the Biafran flag fly all over the world. And to worsen the whole thing Nigeria lost her opening match to Croatia. Just at that moment Michel knew he was already in a fix. Did he not shake hands in the presidency and promised he was coming back with the trophy? Seeing that the

DSS Went to Search for IPOB’s 40million Referendum Ballot Papers in Abaribe’s House

Nigeria will forever regret messing with the Indigenous People of Biafra; just watch this!  Nigeria is in total confusion and everything in disarray. The more they try to fix it with their cruel heart of darkness the more things fall apart. Within one week of a simple announcement by IPOB of the printing of referendum ballot papers fear gripped everything in green white green.  Abuja is shaking and the cabals

Biafra: Buhari Committed Genocide Against Biafra - Fani Kayode

Biafra: Fani Kayode Replies Buhari for saying The Massacre of 3.5 Million Biafra Was an Act of Kindness Fani Kayode in strong terms condemned the cruel utterance from the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, over the massacre of more than 3.5 million Biafrans during the civil war. Kayode responded through his twitter handle and described the statement as offensive and a lie from the pit of hell. According to the former

Biafra: Coalition Agents and the Their Treacherous Dialogue

Dialogue is the word every coalition seeking saboteurs are using to beg for public sympathy.  This is after causing serious damage and exchanging the lives of innocent Biafrans for their selfish interests with the Nigerian government but instead of showing signs of repentance by rendering open apologies to the people and taking steps to appease the souls of the innocent Youth that died in Umuahia and all over Biafra land