May 2017

Is Time To Give Back To Africa, As Netanyahu Visits West Africa - Israel Prime Minister

As the quest for Biafran restoration gain momentum, Netanyahu is to visit West African which will be a groundbreaking and new way to usher in Israeli decision to support Biafra Restoration which is one of the West African countries to emerge soon. Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, is scheduled to attend the 51st summit of heads of state of ECOWAS in Liberia on Sunday. This is the first time

FG Should Release Sambo Dasuki And Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzakky Now - NBA

It is a shame that NBA still allows barristers to go to court when Nigerian government has been flaunting court orders. Anyway, Nigeria is a place where almost everything is obtainable. But the truth is that, the image of Nigerian judiciary is damaged already and Nigerian government is recognized worldwide as a country that doesn’t obey court order which invariable means that there is no rule of law in the

LG To stop Issuing Marriage Certificates Because Is Unconstitutional - Court

If LGA is part the government, I see no reason why they shouldn’t issue marriage certificates. If Court have said it is unconstitutional for her to do so then so be it. Let’s see what will be the reactions of Nigerians who actually belong to one LGA or other. A Lagos High Court has barred local government areas from conducting marriages across the country. The court, in a judgment, declared

Slave Trade Have Resumed, As Muslims In Libya Are Now Kidnapping Black Africans And Openly Selling Them In Bazaars

For almost 1200 years ever since Islam came to Libya, Muslims kidnapped black African people and sold them as slaves in open air markets. It was not until 1805 that the Americans put an end to the practice after the Marines attacked Libya and force the Bey of Tripoli to change his ways. Fast forward almost 200 years later after the “Arab Spring” in Libya which destroyed Libya’s society and

Nnamdi Kanu's Eighteen Months In Custody Does Not Appear To Have Affected His Fight Against Nigeria - Dailymail UK

Nnamdi Kanu walks slowly across the courtyard of his family home in Umuahia, southeast Nigeria, as a crowd of supporters in the red, black and green of the Biafran flag hail him as their saviour. Eighteen months in custody does not appear to have affected his fight against Nigeria.  “I am more determined than ever,” Kanu, who heads the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) movement, tells AFP calmly. Kanu, who